I am interior designer primarily based in Slovakia.  Furniture and interior design has been my passion for my whole life and I inherited this enthusiasm for design from my father.  He loved working with wood and he decided to open a small furniture making shop when he was young.  This grew to a larger factory that specializes on producing tailor made furniture for sophisticated customers.

As a freelancer, I specialize in a customized approach for every client and his or her personal needs.  Understanding the clients’ needs and fulfilling their dreams is my priority no matter what their favorite style is. I am very enthusiastic in my work and love to see satisfied clients. To achieve that I visualize the interiors and apply samples of every material used in a room.

However, the best part of my work is to turn the visualization into reality. This part includes visiting suppliers and choosing the right colors, wallpapers, floors, lights, pieces of furniture, drapes and decorations.  I also organize my co-workers, keep an eye on the whole realization process (how the tiles are laid, how the chosen color looks on walls, how the furniture fits, etc.)

Yes, I am detail oriented and I love my job :-)